Clienti Business

Customer Service - Clienti business

Orari: Da Lunedì a Venerdì dalle 9 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 18


Numero Verde: 800 922 233

Per chiamate da cellulare/estero:  06/88843291

Fax: 06/88843225

Clienti domestici

Customer Service - Clienti domestici

Orari: Da Lunedì a Venerdì dalle 9 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 18


Numero Verde: 800 908 999

Per chiamate da cellulare/estero: 06/88843281

Fax: 06/88843220

Clienti Corporate

Customer Service Corporate

Orari: Da Lunedì a Venerdì dalle 9 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 18

Per chiamate da cellulare/estero: 06/88843232


Fax: 06/88843223


Comunicazione e Ufficio Stampa

Indirizzo e-mail:

Ph: 06/42011761


Per tutte le altre informazioni

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Legal head office and Management offices: Via Barberini, 86 - 00187



Representative office: Via Fratelli Gabba, 1A - 20123


Commercial office: Via Rubens, 3 - 20148



Certified mail

Information on the communication standards required by the Authority
With Resolution no. 294/06, the Authority for Electricity and Gas established the obligation, for all operators active in the natural gas market, to activate a certified electronic mail system for the correct management of information exchanges between the various subjects.
Metaenergia Spa has taken steps to activate the requested communication system within the set terms;

The contact details to which documents and communications may be sent are the following:

Via Barberini 86 – 00187 Roma

Fax: 06 42011568

Certified email address Metaenergia customer 

Certified email address Meta Newpower customer complaints:

Certified e-mail address for forwarding Contractual terminations (retail/corporate, luce&gas)

Certified e-mail address natural gas transportation:
Certified e-mail address natural gas dispatching and supply: