Energy Efficiency


Metaenergia provides energy to large businesses by integrating innovation and research in its offer. This way, energy becomes a key factor to enhance a company's competitiveness. Energy efficiency is a useful tool to improve the environmental context in which companies operate and to increase the level of social acceptability of the businesses that adopt it.

In addition to offering energy services, Metaenergia assists its customers in defining the best path towards economic and environmental gains.

For large companies, Metaenergia E.S.Co. provides accurate inspections conducted by specialised engineers, in order to perform energy audits and identify the best energy efficiency solutions applicable in each specific case, in addition to all-round assistance on all operational steps of the project.


For large companies Metaenergia provides accurate surveys and inspections, carried out by specialized engineers, that make an energy diagnosis and identify the best efficiency solutions  for the specific case, as well as comprehensive advisory services for monitoring all the operational steps of the project:

  • Consultancy  and  technical-economic feasibility study of the identified energy efficiency proposals.

  • Fulfillment of the procedures to obtain State incentives and subsidies for renewable energy sources  (feed-in tariff, 55% tax expenditures, Green Certificates, etc.) and energy efficiency (White Certificates).

  • Design of  thermal and electric plants and fulfillment of the authorization procedures.

  • Development, building and installation of plants and facilities.

  • Management and maintenance of  plants and facilities.

The same services are also provided to companies,  micro-businesses and households, for which  Metaenergia designs turn-key plants with the possibility of obtaining loans which can be repaid in convenient installments. The same services are also provided to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to the domestic segment.


Since January 2011 Metaenergia has been present in Fiera Milano as a Partner and an official supplier of electricity and gas. Through Metaenergia E.S.Co. 

the company has carried out a significant energy efficiency intervention on the ventilation and air conditioning system, ensuring  optimization in the production of energy for the air conditioning of some pavilions and the Service Centre. The activities carried out in Fiera Milano have also included 

the outdoor and indoor lighting, with the installation of over 6,000 new light bodies with LED technology. Hence, today, Fiera Milano reduced its consumption for lighting from 2, 293,000 kWh to just 970,000 kWh – with this operation, Metaenergia deserved his role of energy partner.

Thanks to all these interventions, every year Fiera Milano records electricity savings of about 3 GWh and avoids almost 1,250 tons of CO2 emissions, reducing energy expenditure by over  450,000 euro. 



In 2015, Metaenergia started to operate in Sicily, promoting energy efficiency initiatives under the framework
agreement for the supply of electricity to the buildings of the Dipartimento Beni Culturali e Identità Siciliana.
Metaenergia and the Dipartimento chose the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento as the first site to be redeveloped.The initiative is part of a larger project aimed at promoting energy saving and efficiency.

The lighting fixtures were produced by the Disano Illuminazione Company; the plant guarantees annual savings of over 84 thousand kWh, with a reduction in energy expenditure of over 66% and atmospheric emissions of 32.9 tonnes/year of carbon dioxide.



The initiatives started in Sicily in 2015, continued into 2017 at the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, with Metaenergia reconfirming itself as a patron of the arts. The new LED lighting system was inaugurated in June and was designed to energetically upgrade and enhance the archeological site.
Executed by Metaenergia and donated to the Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali e Identità Siciliana, the project allows night-time visits for the first time in the theatre's history, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful impressions offered by this prestigious site.


To guarantee an even more striking and exciting color rendering, without altering the original color of the stone, 110 LED lamps have been installed, taking can also of the color temperature of the light. To these are added 44 LED lamps of the RGBW type positioned in the niches of the scene front and in the cavea. To illuminate the steps and internal paths of the Theatre, approximately 170 linear meters of LED strips have been installed to ensure greater visibility by allowing visitors from all over the world, for the first time in its history, to visit the Theatre after sunset.




Metaenergia pays attention to the needs of his customers and offers plans of energy efficiency also in the domestic segment, offering solutions depending on the kind of plant chosen:

  • solar and thermal;

  • photovoltaic;

  • condensing boiler.

With the purchase of one of these plants, at the Metaenergia Points, the single citizen can benefit from the state incentives , to obtain a reduction of costs in the bill and choose the production of sustainable and clean energy, through the use of an accomplished and reliable technology.

In accordance with the Legislative Decree n.102 July 4th 2014 (2012/27 / EU Directive) on energy efficiency,  large companies (> 250 employees) must perform an energy diagnosis before the 5th December 2015, and every next four years.

Large companies that adopted management systems compliant with ISO 50001 and EMAS or ISO 14001 are exempted from this diagnosis the management system includes adequate energy audit.

Even companies with large energy consumption, regardless of their size, must perform energy audits by the same deadline, gradually carrying out the efficiency measures identified by the same diagnosis, or alternatively adopting management systems in accordance with ISO 50001.

The failure to meet this obligation implies an administrative fine.

Metaenergia E.S.Co. as an energy service company, founded with the aim to support companies that want to make energy efficiency, is the ideal partner to carry out this kind of energy audits.

Indeed Metaenergia E.S.Co. meets the requirements of the current regulations (UNI 11352 and ISO 9001).

Even for those companies where diagnosis are not formally required (SMEs that are not energy intensive) there is the possibility to carry out voluntary energy audits and implement management systems in accordance with ISO 50001. In this case the Regions will provide special financing programs.


Metaenergia E.S.Co. dedicates a specific service package to the institutions and associations with which it has an agreement. Discover all the solutions to optimize your energy consumption, at particularly advantageous prices if you are a member of:

You will have 360 ​​degrees of advice, assistance, maintenance and integrated security services, to ensure the complete functionality of the installations.


Contact us for more information.


The professionalism of the E.S.Co. staff ensures the identification of the best energy optimization solutions for lighting and air conditioning systems of your business, ensuring the well-being of operators and customers, as required by current regulations.

Thanks to the relamping or installation of a new energy-saving system:

  • consumption is reduced up to 25% / 30%
  • savings on ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs are achieved
  • the safety of workers is increased

In addition, technicians are highly qualified to create video surveillance and intrusion systems, or to implement those already in use.

The technical staff also carries out ordinary, extraordinary and control maintenance activities, seven days a week, to guarantee the complete functionality of the installations.

Request an energy audit immediately, the energy diagnosis is free in case of:

  • signing of an electricity and / or gas contract
  • replacement of lighting systems with dimmable LED systems
  • replacement or installation of air conditioning systems
  • stipulation of an annual maintenance contract

Contact us for more information: the energy consultants are ready to provide you with all the necessary information and present the most suitable energy efficiency solutions to the type of your business.