Energy Efficiency

Metaenergia E.S.Co.

Metaenergia supplies energy to companies by integrating innovation and research into its offer, thus making energy an important factor in improving their competitiveness. Through collaboration with Metaenergia E.S.Co, it supports its customers by carrying out an accurate analysis of economic and environmental returns and proposing the energy efficiency solutions most suited to their needs.

Metaenergia E.S.Co. is the Energy Service Company of the Metaenergia Group specialized in realizing energy efficiency interventions aimed at the rational use of energy, the containment of consumption and the use of renewable energy resources.

Energy efficiency is a useful tool to improve the environmental context in which companies operate and thus increase their level of social acceptability. Furthermore, the reduction in consumption is comparable to the use of renewable energy, as everything that is not consumed is not produced. Renewable sources make it possible to generate energy without polluting, decreasing the dependence on conventional fossil sources and thus allowing it to become "self-producers" of the energy that is consumed.

Metaenergia E.S.Co. provides companies with its own team of industry experts: performing accurate inspections, producing energy diagnostics or specific feasibility studies, all within a 360 ° consulting service during the various operational steps of the project.

Metaenergia E.S.Co. it is certified according to the UNI CEI 11352: 2014 standard and inside it operates experts in energy management (E.G.E.) certified according to the UNI CEI 11339 standard.