Metaenergia S.p.A.

The Quality Policy

METAENERGIA Spa considers Quality a conditioning and strategic factor in the operation and development of industrial activities. Therefore METAENERGIA Spa in the management of business activities has adopted a Quality Policy, addressed:

  • to customer satisfaction
  • to the analysis and correct management of the risks that may influence the quality management system
  • to the reasonable and constant improvement of quality, prevention and protection activities
  • to the solution of environmental problems
  • to identify possible development opportunities.
  • Corporate action is therefore aimed at satisfying not only production needs, but also the needs of environmental protection and worker protection, addressing these issues with a proactive attitude.

The Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

  • analysis of the context and understanding of the needs and expectations of the interested parties;
  • process monitoring, continuous improvement and reduction of inefficiencies in the organizational and technical management of the Company;
  • maintain a risk-based approach to plan the quality management system;
  • the complete satisfaction of the customer's needs, even at the expense of company profitability, in order to increase his satisfaction;
  • the complete fulfillment of the mandatory requirements relating to the provision of services;
  • the effective communication to the customer of the added value of the services provided, often deriving from the use of services that comply with the requirements of the customer, exceeding them where possible in terms of quality, as well as the certification of its own quality management system;
  • the employment of personnel regularly employed and framed, based on the legislation on labor law;
  • the satisfaction of the organization's staff and the creation of a climate of constructive collaboration.

Metaenergia E.S.Co.

The Energy Efficiency Policy of Metaenergia E.S.Co. is based on the following principles:

· Promote studies and research aimed at innovating the Electrical System to improve its economy, safety and environmental compatibility.

· Promote studies and research for the saving of electricity in the tertiary, civil, public and private lighting, air conditioning environments, transport.

· Evaluate investments in production plants considering the economic, financial, environmental and safety aspects as well as the best technical solutions available.

Optimizing the use of natural resources through a rational and efficient use of energy resources, raw materials and the use of the best available technologies at economically acceptable costs.